Delivering Professional Service for over 60 Years

Welcome to Crofts…


We are a Wellington based Transport Company who specialise in providing dependable and bespoke solutions to meet our clients’ needs, and we delight in exceeding their expectations.

We know we’re good at what we do because our clients have been coming back to us for 62 years! Our staff are a bunch of talented and devoted people who get satisfaction from getting it right first time.

As the new financial year rolls in and we enter our 63rd year we’ve been looking ahead at how we can deliver even more value to our customers and ensure we’re around in another 63 years.

The last year has been good to us with demand for our service growing, and our team growing right alongside it. It’s also been a busy year with the new Health & Safety law coming into effect, the construction of Transmission Gully progressing steadily and the long hot summer has meant building projects are progressing – all of which has kept us on our toes.

We are committed to providing both clients and candidates with an unparalleled level of service, so we wanted to keep you up to date with some changes we’ve been making.

If you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to ask, after all – we’re here to help.

We look forward to working with you!

Chris Carter
General Manager





So What’s New?

Standing still just isn’t an option in the Transport Industry – the world of business is changing and we’re making sure we’re equipped to stay ahead and keep your business moving.

Customer Service

We know that when your goods need to be delivered time is of the essence. So last year we welcomed a new Customer Service Manager to our office team. Jenni joined Suzzanne in Dispatch and together they form the Hub of communication that keeps both our business and yours moving.

Dispatch tool

As the business environment moves at an ever increasing pace it’s important to be able to match our communication and tracking processes.

After some months of development we have recently imbedded new software into our dispatch office. This will allow us to improve our (already pretty impressive) response times, and communication with our clients and drivers alike. Just another way we’re working to ensure we keep your business moving.


We’re in the process of overhauling our website to make the information you need is as easy as pie to find. Come visit us at

Our Team

Our staff are all highly experienced in the transport industry and our driver team offer some of the most experienced operators in Wellington. Add to this that many of them are also owner drivers – you receive that extra bit of service with Crofts.

Our office team are always ready to answer any queries you may have. Please call us and ask for:

Dispatch and Customer Services:


Amanda and Jenni   




General Manager:




We take the Health and Safety of all our staff and clients seriously and do everything we can to ensure we all get home safe each and every night.

New Legislation

We are all very aware of the potential impact of the updated Health and Safety legislation – but there can be benefits too!

We’ve updated our policy and are working hard to ensure all our team members follow best practice at all times.

Transmission Gully

…So when one of our clients asked us to expand our offering to cart the product to Transmission Gully we set to work ensuring that our trucks complied with the stringent site requirements. We’re one of the few carriers who proudly display the fluorescent sticker that signifies our trucks are some of the safest around.

Of course our clients benefit from this too – our diligence means we don’t have to be piloted on to site, reducing the cost and increasing efficiency!



In the same way you wouldn’t hire a sheep shearer to cut your hair, our CLIENTS want to know that their goods in the hands of the experts.

To service your needs we have a diverse fleet of trucks, from 5 ton Curtain Side Canopy trucks all the way through to Hiabs and Semi-trailers capable of carrying 19 ton.

We also have further trucks (not included below) who are currently allocated to specific requirements. It is this breadth that enables us to design bespoke solutions for our clients!

If you have any queries or need any more information give our team a call…

They’d be delighted to help!!

Combine our Truck and Driver capability with an experienced and skilled Dispatch team – and you get competitive pricing and customer service that’s second to none!



Length Limit

Wgt limit

Special Features


6.5 m

5.5 ton

Canopy Hard side

6.3 m

5.5 ton

Canopy Tail lift

6 m

7 ton




13 ton

14m / headboard up to 2 ton



23 ton

13 m Semi-trailer


19 ton

13 – 18m Trombone trailer



5.5 ton

9m / headboard up to 500kgs + 10’ cont lifts


5.5 ton

9.4m / headboard up to 500kgs + 10’ cont lifts

9 m

5.5 ton

9 m / headboard up to 500kgs + 10’ cont lifts


5.5 ton

10m / headboard up to 1 ton + 10’ cont lifts


9.4 ton

12.5m / headboard up to 2 ton + 20’ cont lifts


9.5 ton

12m / headboard up to 2 ton + 20’ cont lifts


19 ton

13m Semi-trailer Hiab